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Most people who visit a blog with a strange name such as "The Albino Rhino" will no doubt have questions regarding...err...everything. So for all those inquisitive people, here is Q & A section.

Q: Why is the blog called "The Albino Rhino"?
A: Rhino is my nick-name. I'm white. Moving on.

Q: Why is the web address "Epic Albino Rhino" when the site is called "The Albino Rhino"?
A: Easy, "The Albino Rhino" domain name was taken already. But it doesn't matter, because 99% of the time, the word "epic" can be substituted in for "the".

Q: Why is your username RhinoA3096? What's with the 3096 after it?
A: RhinoA3096 is a cool name. I could go on with a long and tear-jerking story as to why there is a 3096 after it, but I won't.

Q: Why should I read this blog?
A: A blog with a name like "The Albino Rhino" has got to be interesting at some point in time.

Q: What kind of content do you publish?
A: Hopefully, stuff that will make you laugh.

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