Saturday, August 16, 2014

Game Philosophy

     The game of life. We've all played. And if you have, then you'll agree with me on something. It is not an accurate representation. Now, it doesn't take that much life experience to get this. Even a twelve-year-old child could tell you that. Real life isn't a board with individual spaces that represent our different positions in life. If you tried to make a board game that was realistic to real life, the board would look more like a picasso painting. You start wherever, and you end whenever.

     In lieu of this, I've devised a not so difficult philosophy about life in general. You can view this in two ways, as a video game or as a regular ol' game. I will go through both. Life's a big game: a video game, let's start with that. In a video game you spawn, in life's case, you're born into the world. Video games all have training sessions and tutorials that guide you through your first steps. In real life this would be known as your childhood. Mistakes you make in your tutorial sessions don't have that many real consequences, you simply get back up and try again. As you grow older you are given more slack until you have no tether. You can do whatever, within reason that is. Life ends when your game is over, or when you make a stupid decision. So you see, life's complicated, but not really. Everything we do is simply leading to where we're all going. It depends on your beliefs where you think you're going, but I sure know where I want to go...

     Anyway, at this point I would explain the board-game portion of life, but the video-game sections seems to have wrapped it up pretty well. So I won't. Since this has shaped up to be a pretty short post, I want to do something that I've been meaning to do for a while now. Below are various links leading to other blogs that I follow. I know the administrators of each one personally, so you may not find them as entertaining as I do, but none-the-less. I've been meaning to do it for a while, so here it is.

Purple Effervescence
As stated, I know this young woman personally, and I recommend reading it.

Concepts and Pistachios
This was the blog that inspired this one. I highly recommend reading it as well. The administrator of this blog is one of the few people I know that can challenge me in the art of raw random.

Anything Goes
I also know the guy that runs this blog. Sensing a trend? Check it out!  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Da stresses be much

     Sup ya'll? Been a while since I've posted. As you can guess, things have been slightly stressful for me lately. Actually, this summer has been the busiest one yet. It's been riddled with various different activities and such that have made it seem like it's simply blown right by. Yeah girl, this summer has seemed to just float on by.

     Things just recently, however, have been pretty stressful. If you've read this blog for any length of time you know I'm a self proclaimed: beat-boxer, writer, filmmaker, and ninja. These different passions have overlapped alot recently. One of them is not true, you have the responsibility of picking said false claim...

    Anyway, yes. These different hobbies have come together and intersected at this moment in time. In the middle of beat-box riffs, whilst a film is being animated, while a story is in the works of being written. As much as I'd love to shoot a movie, write, and beat-box at the same time, that just can't happen. I've also had many various real-life important things going on to be the icing on the cake.

...We interrupt this boring melancholy vent fest for something not boring...

Ok, so I just realized that this entire post up to this point has been nothing but a boring rant. Emphasis on boring... You most likely have decided to read this blog because you think some things I post are semi-entertaining. On with the entertaining! Wikipedia. Wikipedia is funny.

    We've all had a teacher tell us not to use the famed website for research. Why not? OK, teachers, I totally understand how wikipedia is unreliable and sometimes false. But shouldn't that be up to the student if they want to risk their grade? I think that should be part of the grading of the project. Credibility judging: A+ or F-.

    Unfortunately, wikipedia is somewhat a "luck of the draw". Sometimes you find some interesting facts and resources, other times you learn that pumpkins are purple and smell like strawberries.

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