Monday, September 29, 2014

Hard to Miss

     It's very hard to miss the face-lift that my blog has undergone. If you don't notice any difference you may be suffering from one or more of these slight head traumas: amnesia, color blindness, restless leg syndrome, or new readeritis. The last one is probably the most probable. But yes, I totally overhauled the blog. I shall explain.

First off, I like how it feels. It seems for cozy, and reader friendly. It's the kind of setting that makes you want to curl up with a cup o' joe and continue to scroll down. Get what I mean? Yeah, it's okay if you don't.

My next reason is because it's more reader friendly. There are less distractions than before, and the text area is bigger, making it more readable.

My last reason is because of my life. That's confusing, but allow me to explain myself. I haven't had much time lately to write posts, but I have had time, however, to write my stories. Sorry blog, stories trump you. As you know, I like to post my stories here. To do that, I need to write them. This doesn't mean I won't post things like this where I go off on a humorous rant, it just means I'll have less of them.

Anywhos, that's the gist of it. I have a pretty good story in the works right now, and I hope to post it soon. So I'll be seeing you my friends! Keep your head up and learn to talk the walk!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Short Stories and Diversity

     Hello all. Yes. I'm here. You probably thought I'd gone missing or something horrible like that. I assure, I am not missing. Atleast, I think I'm not. Is anyone missing me? Oh well. Alas, I have returned to the world of binary, spam, cat videos, and stalkers. AKA: The Internet. Of course, I just described it in the most negative way possible. Sorry cat people. The positive way to describe it would be: The Albino Rhino. *badummm tssssss* That was a joke... Oh? You thought I was serious? Well I was.

     I've been inactive for a while for a number of reasons. I was taking a vacation for while. My last post was actually written whilst on vacation. And back-to-school started. Combined with other things, life's been a tornado of sorts. Finding time to post on a blog is rather incomprehensible. But because I like (not love, that would be weird) all you readers out there. I'm writing this right now, for you, and myself. I do enjoy writing. Very much so. Speaking of which, this is a segway!

     Yeah, so I always have ideas for stories goin' around in my head. My big issue is that I sit down and write for like three weeks, then I stop. The half-written story sits in a document, gathering dust. Or whatever a computer's equivalent to dust is. In lieu of this, I'm going to take a new approach. Of course, I'll still write my huge stories, but in addition, I'm going to write many short stories.

    You know, the kinds of stories that you write for a few days, and they're actually pretty good. What makes them good is that when you're writing a short story, you can leave many questions unanswered. Much like in my other stories posted here on this blog. Confusion and head-scrathin' make a recipe for success in short stories. Because of this, many short stories are diverse in nature. Speaking of which, this is another SEGWAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    You're most likely confused as to the second half of the title of this post. I understand that. "Diversity" could be mean a variety of things. I shall explain. Perhaps the most diverse thing on the planet earth, even more so than people, are keychains. Haven't you ever thought of that? Have you ever seen two identical keychains? There are so many factors that make each diverse. Key size/type, accessories, lanyards/rings etc. The list goes on.

     I can say *almost* totally confidently, you will never find two keychains that are alike. Or in math terms, two keychains that are congruent.

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