Monday, July 21, 2014


   Sup dogs? Don't answer that. That would be weird. I just realized something. I have never told you guys about me. You know that I go RhinoA3096, and you know I'm a guy. That's about it. So I'm going to *vaguely* tell you about me. Let's put this into a Q/A format, because those are always cool.

Q: Basic stuff?
A: I'm a guy. Since I'm a guy, bacon, duct-tape, explosions, video-games, and epic stuff in general are staples in my life. You want to engineer a radio-controlled toaster that launches fire minions of the pencil army? I gotcha' bro. Want to make a catapult out of Popsicle sticks and other misc. office supplies? Yep. So that kinda stuff entertains me.

Q: What is your favorite flavor of flower?
A: Sunglasses. Next question?

Q: Where abouts do you live?
A: That's top-secret classified information. I live in the northern hemisphere in the east part of the US. Does that clear the air enough for you?

Q: Other interesting stuff about you?
A: I'm a self proclaimed: gentleman, filmmaker, photographer, beat-boxer, and author. Pretty much any geeky weird stuff you can think of.

Q: How old are you?
A: Well, I don't prefer to disclose that, I will give you a general time slot. I am within the age range: 12-97. Have fun with that.

Q: Can you again tell us what kind of stuff you post on this blog?
A: Random funny crap. If I want to vent about something that happened in my *humorous* life, I'll vent it. If I want to post one of my short stories, I'll post it. If I want to geek-out about Star Wars, I'll geek it. ANYTHING that's random in the slightest I will post! So if you're reading this blog for a specific topic, chances are that topic will only be written about every once in a while. But if you like my short stories, then feel free to subscribe to my blog for that reason. Speaking of which, I'm about to continue writing my current story.

Moving on with more important things that are present on the inter-web. I just had another realization. Technology has given random people like me, the ability to house and support a free-standing website blog that is just one corner of the internet world. Just think, if you subscribe, then your email will send you a message whenever I post! It's like a metaphorical tree with many branches! Awesome sauce! Right? Yeah. Nevermind.

Well, this concludes this post. There are many things I do wish I could talk to you about, but I don't want to. So....... yeah. That concludes this public service announcement. BTW, I'm too lazy to proof-read this post for grammar errors so have fun with that.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Story writing and relaxing brain

    Hi there. So I finally started writing that really long steampunk story I've been talking about. I'd say it's going pretty well. Can't complain I suppose. It's pretty difficult to actually write the thing. I have to describe the events as if I have no idea what they are. In my head I've totally imagined what everything looks like, so in theory I would be able to describe characters and places as I envision them, with little thought. But unfortunately, readers don't have that ability. Most readers need that thick, syrupy description of a person or place. And that's what's taxing my brain about writing this.

     My past works have been (pardon my confident tone) decent, but I feel that they've been lacking a little something. They just don't sound like a professional story from a pro writer. That's what I've really been working on in this new story. I honestly think the hardest part about the story is the introductory portion. It's perhaps the most crucial element of the story, and serves as the backbone.

     Anyway, yeah, writing this story is hard because, well... you know. I just told you. The main purpose of me writing this post is to just be able to write without having to over analyze each sentence and make sure it sounds eloquent and smooth. It's my blog, I can write whatever the heck I want to write about.

     This post is boring. It's okay, I've come to terms with it. Some of my posts are simply boring works of me rambling on about my mediocre life. Give me some slack, it's 12:45 AM right now. So to remedy this problem (for this post at least), I will talk about something random. Like levers.

     Have you ever noticed in movies and TV shows, when a character is pulling a lever into the high position, they break it? The device then enters into a frenzy of extreme power. Tell me, does this make any sense?

     If that logic existed in our world, we would be much better off. Imagine if a power plant doesn't like their power output, "Hey Tim, break that lever will ya'? Yeah, we need to kick it into overdrive." Or even in a car (specifically a stick shift), "Gear 1, Gear 2,  Gear 3, oh look, Gear 27! *snap*" Yep, I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Have an epic life.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

'Murica and opinions

     Hello there. Today is July 5th. That's one day past July 4th by my reckoning. That means yesterday was the USA's birthday. You know what we do to celebrate America's birthday? We launch off Chinese inventions... Let that sink in for a moment...

Now that you're done thinking about that, let's talk about it.

'Murica is a grand nation full of freedom and guns. Both of those are very good things. Just think where we'd be without those two things! You can't have one without the other! No freedom equals no guns. No guns equals no freedom. Think, how did we win freedom in both World Wars? Guns. How does the common citizen have the right to own a firearm? Freedom. Boom. I've just described to you a symbiotic-harmonic relationship.

I hope (if you're American) that you had an absolutely amazing holiday yesterday. I hope you ate hamburgers, and watched things explode. I know I did! Yep. Explosions are cool.

Moving on.

I want to know your opinion on something. Yes you. The person blankly staring at the screen slowly processing what I have typed for your brain to inhale. I was looking at my blog itself recently, and can't decide if I like the color scheme of it or not. So what I'm going to do is make a poll on the side of the page. You can vote on whether you like the color scheme I have, or if you'd like me to change it. Voting!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tiny Nations and New Countries

 I learned something very different yesterday. Apparently, there's a small little nation off the coast of the United Kingdom called, The Principality of Sealand. This is a sovereign country that is literally the size of a football field. It's built on two large concrete girders that tower out of the ocean.

A brief history of this country. During WWII, the British government built multiple sea bases in international waters for defense against Germany. After WWII was all said and done, the government should have torn these defense structures down.

Wellllllll, they didn't. In 1966, a man by the name of Roy Bates took over one of these and claimed it as his own. Thus was born a new nation. This new country is now recognized as a sovereign nation. Of course, a few guys with assault rifles could easily take over such a small nation... 

I discovered this tiny nation while I was watching a video telling how anyone can create their own country. The main rule of making your own country is by having land to declare it on. Unfortunately, all known land in the world is under control by one or more nations. The only exception is Antarctica, which is technically controlled by many nations. You have two options to claim land for a country, other than the Antarctica option. 

Your first option is to obtain through conquest! This option is very unrealistic... Especially if you're the only one settling your new nation. Imagine that... You row up to the coast of a country in a little dinghy announcing, "I march onto your great land to destroy and conquer! Feel the wrath of my pocket knife!" 

The second more realistic way to settle a new nation is by making one. If you take a few dump-trucks of dirt into the middle of the ocean and plop em' down, congratulations, you have a country! Land is only one of the many requirements it takes to make a country, but it's the only one I'll talk about today. 

If I had my own country, it would be a small tropical island by the name Epicville. It would be a democratic organization where everyone is given a free banana. Yeah, that just happened.  

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