Wednesday, March 18, 2015

'Big Hero 6' Review


Today I will be reviewing one of Disney's newest animated releases, "Big Hero 6". Let me start off by saying that it was nothing short of fantastic.

I'll be honest; I didn't know what to expect going into this. "What? Disney made an animated movie based off a Marvel comic that appeared in the 90's?" I was slightly skeptical, to say the least. 
My skepticism was quickly whisked away as soon as the opening scene came into view. I shan't elaborate for the sake of keeping this review relatively spoiler-free, but let's just say this movie went with the "jump into the action!" approach, and it payed off. 

The grandiose action movie this is painted to be is quite deceiving. Behind all the glitz and glamour of the stupendous fight scenes and great animation, lies a cinematic experience that's full of heart. 

This movie, at its core, has something most animated movies don't: heart. What I mean by this is that this movie has something underlying and driving throughout. Most animated movies turn into "Let's do this just because!" endeavors. Big Hero 6, on the other hand, has something deeper. 

Big Hero 6 is about Hiro Hamada, a thirteen/fourteen year old boy who lives in the fictional city of San-Fransokyo. He's a technical genius who doesn't apply his talents. His older brother, Tadashi, introduces him to the world of college where Hiro can hone his talents in a resourceful way. In a twist of events *SPOILER ALERT* Tadashi is killed, leaving Hiro in a state of depression.

What's one of the best ways to cope with loss? Why, a huggable robot of course! Enter, Baymax: Tadashi's last creation. The relationship between Hiro and Baymax can be described as rebuilding. Baymax's delightfully oblivious self gives the movie a certain sense of wonder.

Hiro's loss also brings into play another point. In this movie we see one of the most commonly used forms of man vs. self conflict: grieving. I can give you a list of movies that have dealt with this in such a way that almost make me cry, but I won't. You can take heart in the fact that Big Hero 6 is on said list. 

Among the deeper things, Big Hero 6 has some great things going for it in the way of the movie itself. I found that the pacing of everything was great, not too rushed but not begrudgingly slow. Both of which are common problems in animated movies (heck, any movie involving superheroes!). 

Big Hero 6 is hilarious. I feel the need to be out-right with that. It's a funny movie. It may be a "kids movie", but I'm immature, so I found it to be quite laughable.

As for the soundtrack of this movie, I'll be honest, I didn't notice it because I was so engrossed in the film itself. That being said, I opened up Spotify and listened to the soundtrack by itself afterwards. It's good. 
Each song does a neat job of encompassing its respective scene. It's nothing amazing like the Lord of The Rings soundtrack, but it's definitely no ho-hum tune, either.

Okay, so every movie has its bad points, right? Although this movie has some strong things going for it, it has its flaws, however small. 

One of the big things that bugged me was how predictable it is in parts. Superhero movies (especially ones that involve a team of supers) tend to have a very clear-cut routine: origins involving a traumatic experience > things start to turn up > villain is introduced and defeats the hero/es > recuperate and conquer. And sadly, Big Hero 6 falls into this, leaving it slightly predictable.   

In tandem with the predictability is that some parts seemed forced, "Our parents died when I was three, remember?". 
Really? I think he would remember that... I understand that re-writing a script to please every little detail is unrealistic, but I think they could have done a better job with covering up that obviousness. 

Last and least of my quirks with this film is that some characters seem underdeveloped. This isn't a huge issue, barely noticeable, actually. It just seemed that some characters were more developed than others, and vice-versa. 

Overall, I think Big Hero 6 was an absolutely fantastic movie despite it's flaws. It's academy award was well-earned and I never stopped smiling whilst watching. I highly recommend this movie. It has enough wit and action to keep an adult enthralled, and good pacing and lovable characters for children. 
My final score for this movie is: 90/100 --- A


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