Friday, March 27, 2015

My Film Endeavors and Age of Ultron

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I know that I promised I would post weekly on Thursdays. One day late is better than not posting at all I suppose. 

Quite frankly, I had a very busy week and didn't have time to think of a solid topic involving movies. In lieu of this, I shall elaborate on my current film endeavors.

Basically, when I was twelve, my love of film was introduced through stop-motion animation. This is actually a pretty common way in which film makers are introduced to the industry. It's just recently that I've shifted gears to live-action filming.

I intend to spring-board my way into live-action filming by making short sketch films. You are familiar with this genre if you have seen a Julian Smith or Rhett and Link video. These are basically short comedy sketches that are random in nature and witty in presentation. Upon my release of these I shall link to my youtube. 

My passion for filming has stemmed completely from my love of story-telling. Ever since I was young I've been a guy who's always up for a long joke or a funny story. Film is just an elaborate way of presenting these stories. 

I aspire to climb the ladder of media creation until I earn a place commercially.

Yay. This concludes my heart-touching post that outlines my dreams and hobby. On to the interesting stuff.

Who's excited for Age of Ultron? I know this isn't new news. Everyone knows it's coming out, but as its release date draws closer, I'm starting to get pretty exited. What I'm most excited for is the introduction of new characters.

My hope for this is that Marvel gives enough back-story and screen-time for each of these characters. Give credit where credit is due, eh? 

Anyway, here's the trailer for all of you who live under a rock. 


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