Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Christian Movies

Christian movies. We've all heard of them. We've even watched them. Some are better than others. In recent years, the christian movie kick has certainly been spurred. 'Noah', 'Son Of God', 'God's Not Dead', and 'Exodus' are just some of these.

I'll be outright with you; I have mixed feelings on them. I'm a life-long Roman-Catholic-Christian (say that three times fast), and the faith-based aspect of these movies is thrilling. It's pleasing to know that hollywood has been instigated to spread teaching about Christianity; but at what cost? 

In many of these movies (specifically the ones based off the Bible itself), you may find yourself saying on multiple occasion, "THAT wasn't in the book." I'm talking to you 'Noah'! We don't know for certain, but giant rock-monsters personifying fallen angels is a tad bit far-fetched.

Now, I know that the public doesn't like to have faith stuffed down their throats. Moderation is key. Sadly, Hollywood tends to view moderation as changing a few things in the Bible to be more entertaining. I won't lie to you, 'Noah' was a very entertaining movie to watch. Behind the mask of CGI, a little voice inside of me was saying, "Yep, that didn't happen."

As far as the movies that take place in modern times (God's Not Dead), I don't have much to say about them. Mainly because I haven't seen them. *shrugs shoulders* 

It may seem I only have flak to throw at these movies, but in reality I'm very excited to see them being produced. I give hollywood an A for effort for this. 

As an aspiring christian director, I wish not to compromise my morals if I make it into the film industry. Knowing an influx of christian movies are in demand comforts me with the prospect of working on a big-name, yet wholesome film.   

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